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After a Greens-led Senate committee recommended Australia consider legalising “three person IVF” last year, the Australian Government has asked the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) to "consult with the Australian community on the possible introduction of mitochondrial donation into clinical practice." 

Mitochondrial disease, which is a rare and potentially deadly disease can be genetically passed from mother to child. In all Australian states legislation prohibits the use of mitochondrial replacement techniques, and research is significantly restricted. Mitochondrial donation (MD) IVF involves replacing some of the DNA of the mother who carries mitochondrial disease with another woman’s, to create a child with three genetic parents.

MD requires one or several healthy embryos (babies) to be destroyed in attempting to create a third embryo potentially without mitochondrial disease. The current laws prohibiting cloning and research involving human embryos would have to be abolished for three-parent IVF to be legal.  There is scant evidence to indicate the efficacy of mitochondrial replacement, so this really is a laboratory experiment on the general population.

The Government says "the key focus [of the consultation] is to understand what the views are of the broader Australian community, once the scientific, ethical and social issues are generally understood". Now is your opportunity to tell the government what your view is on legalising three-parent IVF.

We have 3 actions for you today:

CLICK HERE to see some points you can make (in your own words) at the forum / in your consultation / in your email.

ACTION 1: Attend a Public Forum/Citizens Panel in Brisbane (Nov.9 and 10), Sydney (Nov.11) or Melbourne (Nov.18) to make your views known. For information on how to be involved CLICK HERE or email:

ACTION 2: Complete the consultation survey HERE. Consultation closes 5:00pm (ADST) Friday, November 29.

ACTION 3: Email your politicians here asking them to urge the Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt to not allow mitochondrial donation/three parent IVF. (Remember to compose your message in a word document first and then copy and paste so you don't lose your work if the website "times out").


An NHMRC webinar on mitochondrial donation can be viewed here.



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