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It's not same-sex 'marriage', it's transgender 'marriage'

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In light of the upcoming postal vote on redefining marriage, it is necessary to make clear that what is being proposed is transgender (not same-sex) ‘marriage’ and what the consequences of transgender ‘marriage’ would be for all Australians.

The proposal that will be put to the postal vote is to replace the definition of marriage from “the union of one man and one woman” to “the union of any 2 people.” The federal Attorney General’s Department’s submission to the 2016-17 Senate Select Committee Inquiry into the Exposure Draft of the Marriage Amendment (Same-Sex Marriage) Bill said:


“The Exposure Draft … provides a new definition of marriage as ‘the union of 2 people, to the exclusion of all others, voluntarily entered into for life’. Under this definition the right to marry, under Australian law, [persons] would not be determined by sex or gender. Same-sex couples, and couples including people who are intersex or of a non-binary gender, would be able to marry.[1]” (emphasis added)


This is not same-sex marriage (two men or two women) – it is transgender marriage, the union of any 2 people regardless of sex or gender-identity.

If transgender marriage was legalised then transgender sex and relationships education (such as the “Safe” Schools Coalition program) would be enforced in Australian schools. To not teach transgender forms of marriage and transgender relationships/sexuality would risk complaints of discrimination under anti-discrimination laws by treating transgender forms of marriage and relationships/sexuality differently or less favourably than other forms of marriage and relationships/sexuality.

It would also mean those born male who later identified as female could legally access female school showers, changerooms and toilets, compete in women's sports and access female shelters.

Click here and scroll down to the definition of gender identity in the 2013 amendment to the Sex Discrimination Act,1984.

The 2013 amendments to the Sex Discrimination Act erased the terms man and woman. See the old Sex Discrimination Act 1984, Section 4 - Interpretation. Tumblr now lists 112 gender identities.

Time is running out to make people aware that this is transgender “marriage” as there are people saying: “Why haven’t we been told about this?”

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[1]  Submission from Federal Attorney General’s Department to the 2016-17 Senate Select Committee on the Exposure Draft of the Marriage Amendment (Same-Sex Marriage) Bill, Submission 78.


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